Cognitive behavioral therapy across the stages of psychosis: prodromal, first episode, and chronic schizophrenia (paper)

ACT Early: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in Early Intervention for Psychosis (paper)

Mindfulness on an Inpatient Unit: key issues for implementation (paper)

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy training for clinicians: an evaluation (paper)

Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy with people with psychosis: a case study (paper)

How to run Acceptance and Commitment Therapy groups for people with psychosis in community settings (paper).

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Early Psychosis: A Case Series (paper)

A framework to support experiential learning and psychological flexibility in supervision: SHAPE (paper)

Group acceptance and commitment therapy for patients and caregivers in psychosis services: Feasibility of training and a preliminary randomized controlled evaluation (paper)

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in Groups

ACT for Life Groups Manual 2012 – detailed protocol of a four session skills workshop for people recovering from psychosis.

ACT in Groups – APS ACT Interest Group Webinar slides (May 2016)

Workplace ACT group protocol – overview of adapted groups protocol from the Mindful & Effective Employee

ACT for Psychosis Recovery – links to resources and detail of a 6 session groups manual for people recovering from psychosis, and caregivers

ACT for Social Anxiety group  – 8 session protocol, combining ACT and exposure, adapted from Mindfulness & Acceptance-Based Group Therapy for Social Anxiety Disorder

Group ACT Worksheets & Resources (2018)

Mindfulness and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Metaphors and Exercises (audio/ video)

Five Minute Mindfulness (mp3)

Leaves in the Stream Exercise (mp3)

Free Experiencing Exercise (mp3)

Clouds Exercise (mp3)

Passengers on the Bus metaphor (mp3)

Chessboard Metaphor (mp3)

Lifetime Achievement Award (mp3)

Observer Exercise (mp3)

Passengers on the Bus metaphor -animation (video download)

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Supervision

Adherence and Competence Tool for Supervision of ACT (ACTS of ACT) – designed to provide supervision feedback on adherence and competence of ACT sessions

SHAPE Supervision Tool – designed to promote greater use of experiential learning in ACT supervision

SHAPE – a framework to support experiential learning and psychological flexibility in supervision (paper)