Wearing It Differently: Talking about ACT for psychosis, clinical psychology, and career choices

I recently had the privilege of being interviewed for “We All Wear It Differently”, a podcast for early career psychologists.

Amy Felman, the enthusiastic host, created the podcast so that psychologists starting their careers could learn from experienced colleagues about the choices and opportunities that shaped their working lives.

The podcast features a collection of Australian psychologists, describing their careers in areas like neuropsychology, school psychology, sport psychology, and clinical psychology.

Amy skilfully interviews psychologists about the early experiences that led to their career directions, the big ideas in psychology that enthuse them, and advice they have for those starting their careers. It is really interesting to hear what motivates psychologists, the range of roles that they perform, and what sustains them during challenging times.

The podcast is the type of resource I wish had been around when I was starting out in clinical psychology [we can safely say I trained in a “pre-pod” age…]. Amy also hosts an active community of listeners through a Facebook group.

For my contribution, I talk about the personal experiences that motivated me to work in services for people with psychosis, the psychologists who inspire me, what it was like to train in Western Australia and then work in the UK for 15 years, and how Acceptance and Commitment Therapy continues to inspire me as a progressive empirical approach in clinical psychology.

You can listen to the podcast episode here.  Better still, subscribe to the podcast – there’s a bunch of great episodes!


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