LinkFest! August 2014

I regularly tweet new and interesting papers relevant to clinical psychology and my interests. These are the cool papers and links from August 2014. Follow me on Twitter for a daily update!

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, RFT, CBS etc

  • “ACT is not yet a well-established treatment for any disorder” Öst 2014, updated meta-analysis
  • Physiological & behavioral indices of emotion dysregulation as outcome predictors from #CBT & ACT for anxiety @babcp
  • Does the AAQ-II measure psychological flexibility… or distress?
  • The Dark-Side of Rule Governed Behavior: experiment of problematic rule-following in adolescents with depressive Sx
  • Experiential avoidance & borderline personality disorder features in adolescents: a prospective relation
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Individuals With Problematic Emotional Eating: A Case-Series Study
  • Do counselor techniques predict quitting during #smoking cessation treatment? Component analysis: phone-delivered ACT
  • Using acceptance and commitment therapy with people with psychosis: A case study (PDF)
  • A longitudinal study of experiential avoidance in emotional disorders
  • Relational Frame Theory for clinical use: The example of metaphor
  • Psychological Flexibility: a framework for understanding & improving family reintegration after #military deployment
  • Measuring the Role of Psychological Inflexibility in Trichotillomania
  • Psychological interventions for patients with cancer: psychological flexibility & the potential utility of ACT
  • Evaluation of multiple exemplar instruction to teach perspective-taking skills to adolescents with Asperger Syndrome
  • Work stressors & distress in intellectual disability support staff: mediating role of psychological inflexibility
  • An Exploration of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Chronic Pain in Multiple Sclerosis
  • The Development of the Functional Analytic Psychotherapy Intimacy Scale –
  • Initial evidence for the efficacy of acceptance and commitment therapy in primary insomnia
  • Internet-based vs face-to-face? A RCT of two ways to deliver ACT for depressive symptoms: 18-month follow-up


  • Mediators of #CBT for Anxiety-Disordered Children and Adolescents: Cognition, Perceived Control, and Coping
  • Shifting the Focus of One’s Attention Mediates Improvement in Cognitive Therapy for Social Anxiety Disorder #CBT
  • Behavioral versus cognitive treatment of #OCD: An examination of outcome and mediators of change
  • Treatment failure in CBT: therapy alliance as a precondition for adherent & competent implementation of techniques.

Transdiagnostic Processes

  • Positive beliefs about rumination associated with ruminative thinking & affect in daily life… metacog & depression
  • Dispositional coping in individuals with anxiety disorder symptomatology: Avoidance predicts distress
  • Reductions in negative repetitive thinking & metacognitive beliefs during internet CBT for mixed anxiety & depression



  • Implementation of Mindfulness Training for Mental Health Staff: Organizational Context and Stakeholder Perspectives
  • Mindfulness-Based Approaches in the Treatment of Bipolar Disorder: Potential Mechanisms and Effects
  • Mindfulness training may potentiate the therapeutic effect of non-judgment of inner experience on smoking cessation
  • A Qualitative Analysis of Experiential Challenges Associated with Meditation Practice
  • Immediate effects of a brief mindfulness-based body scan on patients with chronic pain

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